Water into wine: a complex puzzle

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Water is an essential part of any lifecycle. A vine that does not receive the necessary amount of water will have its growth affected through water _______ but some of these effects may be considered as desirable by grape growers (notably smaller berry size and higher sugar content). 

Water management, or _______, in vineyards has been observed for thousands of years while in many regions _______ is considered as the only source that will allow vines to retain their _______ characteristics. Soil types and geological characteristics influence the water potential on any plot of land: the ideal being _______ of sufficient water for the vine but with efficient drainage to avoid vine roots becoming waterlogged and ideally inclined to control _______. Soil moisture is measured using a _______, with an average vine requiring 635-890 millimetres per year.

Severe water stress causes the stomata on the underside of a leaf to stay closed to avoid evaporation but if this carries on for too long _______ can set in (_______ has stopped), which may cause permanent damage to the vine.

One method of managing or controlling water resources is irrigation through systems such as _______ and _______ irrigation, which can be expensive to install. Drip irrigation systems can also be used for alternative purposes such as application of fertilizers in a process known as fertigation.

Growers are constantly called upon to work in respect of the ecosystem, being required to optimise _______, avoid _______ and protect the environment. 

Find the words in the grid and check the meaning in context by completing the gaps in the text below.


Article paru dans Viti Leaders d'avril 2018


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